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Strikes development is the fighting game here ("JUMP Development" fulfills your youthful dream, the seemingly flawed sentiment) is this kind of okay? ,

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[PConline Essay] mentioned that when I was a child, I would go back to the single room every night and turn off the TV program on time to watch "Brave Seiya", "Seven [PConline Essay] I mentioned that when I was a child, I would go back every night The single room turned off the TV program on time and watched "Brave Seiya" and "Comic Edition". I firmly believe that this is also the self-report of many people when they were young. Later, "Devil", "BLEACH", "Slam Dunk" and so on gradually entered our field of vision one after another. I mentioned that there will still be people arguing about who is scarier, Luffy or Uzumaki Sasuke. Tansha's weekly comic book "Monthly Girl Jump", this "JUMP FORCE" is the fighting game classic published by "Monthly Girl Jump" to celebrate its 100th anniversary, here you will find your best-selling heroes and villains, Will rush to the classic tourist spots on Earth, though. A veritable cultivation class, fulfilling the most youthful dream of all ACG fans! The current media score of "Jump Development" on Metacritic has been restricted for a year or two, and currently 45 media are divided into 58 points. Among them, four obtained the highest score of 75 points, and four obtained the highest score of 30 points. Among them, IGN scored 6.3 points for "Jump Development Class", and said that "Jump Development Class" is exaggerated. Despite maintaining a strong team of 40 popular comic book supporting characters, "Jump Development Class" seems to have failed to break the ice easily. The current fighting game has not been released for a long time. As of the deadline, the praise of "Jump Development Class" on Steam is in a mixed state, with IMDb having 61%. Very good as far as IMDb goes. However, judging from the praise of fighting games at this stage, many players seem to hold an unsatisfactory position on this "Jump Development". Players' complaints about "Jump Development" are that the story plot of fighting games is relatively simple, and the single-player plot cannot be skipped. The 3D modeling in fighting games is also extremely rough, and the movements are very stiff. It's too monotonous, etc. But when it comes to sentiment, then this fighting game really has nothing to say. There are 40 supporting roles in the starting team, and they come from 15 classic works under Jump, including. "BLEACH", "Slam Dunk", "Brave Seiya", "King of Fighting Game", "Rurouni Kenshin", "Hunter x Hunter", "JOJO's Bizarre Adventure", "Devil", etc. At the same time, the operation method of this game is also simple and easy to use. The four buttons of ABXY represent the four buttons of light attack, heavy attack, grab and jump respectively. There is no combination function or special matching between the buttons. At the same time, in the fighting game, each famous supporting role has a "unique move" and "nirvana" that is loyal to the original work, which is very distinctive and very restored to the original. At the same time, players can also customize new supporting roles, by choosing The tricks of each hero come from the definition of their own "exclusive hero". I firmly believe that ACG fans, especially Jump fans, will like it very much. However, judging from the praise on stem at this stage, fighting games seem to be flawed. If you have high requirements for fighting gameplay or fighting game plots, this sentiment is a bit "not worth it" for the time being. But anyway, Finally, there is a chance for Luffy and Uzumaki Sasuke to compete with each other. The recommended configuration of fighting games is a brief introduction. I wonder if you plan to start for the sake of sentiment? However, no matter how you want to play more freely, you must have a suitable configuration, so the author carefully selected the following configuration to help you play fighting games. Recommended hardware configuration for fighting games CPUIntel i5-9400F radiator Overclocking Sandonghai X5 radiator Motherboard ASUS TUF B360M-PLUS GAMING S Motherboard Graphics card Galaxy GeForce RTX 2060 Snapdragon graphics card case Huntkey GX500T white case memory Intel Intel Crucial Platinum Sports LT series DDR4 2666 8G memory power supply GreatWall rated 500W HOPE-6000DS power supply display AOC AGON Love Attack II AG272FCX 27-inch curved display hard disk GALAX Armor Warlord 512GB solid state hard drive Let us analyze the reasons for recommendation one by one . Recommended CPU: Intel i5-9400F Reference price: 1499 yuan i5-9400F has a maximum frequency of 4.1G that is sufficient for mainstream fighting games. Compared with its design of 6 cores and 6 physical threads, it can handle daily multitasking with ease. , Although Neng Wen Neng Wu cancels some tasteless nuclear display output, it is more cost-effective Recommended motherboard: ASUS (ASUS) TUF B360M-PLUS GAMING S motherboard. Reference price: 799 yuan i5-9400F cannot be overclocked, it is more suitable to match with B360 motherboard, and it is more cost-effective The power supply can fully and stably exert the strong performance of this new generation i5 processor. Recommended graphics card: GALAXY (Galaxy) GeForce RTX 2060 Snapdragon graphics card Reference price: 2859 yuan This graphics card adopts a low-key pure black design scheme, the overall appearance is quite satisfactory, but the performance of the graphics card is still strong, and there is no pressure to experience ray tracing and DLSS. Play mainstream 3A masterpieces at 1080P resolution, suitable for most mainstream players, and more cost-effective. However, 1660Ti has been launched recently, and it can also be considered. Recommended memory: Crucial Platinum Sports LT series DDR4 2666 8G memory Reference price: 379 yuan This memory stick uses the original chips of Micron. Although there is no RGB light, its heat dissipation performance is also very good when wearing a heat dissipation vest It adopts a concealed integrated radiator, and it can be easily handled whether it is running business office software or switching various software operations. As far as daily use is concerned, the price/performance ratio is very high. Recommended power supply: Huntkey GX500T white case reference Price: 209 yuan Huntkey GX500T chassis adopts a simple design style, the internal space adopts a split structure, the hardware is reasonably and orderly divided into spaces, and it is compatible with 350mm gaming-level long graphics cards. Every design can feel the sincerity of thinking for the players, and meet the DIY needs of all players. Recommended display: AOC AGON II AG272FCX 27-inch curved display Reference price: 1899 yuan Nowadays, the production of large-scale fighting game scenes is becoming more and more elaborate. If the display does not have enough excellent image quality performance, it is difficult to have a high-quality fighting game experience. The display uses a 27-inch +1800R large curvature to enjoy an immersive experience, a wider field of view, and a more shocking picture.

Strikes development is the fighting game here (

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